ISSN (Online): 2348-2281
ISSN (Print): 2393-9028

Multimodal Biometrics using Iris and Ear Modalities – A Review

Ramanpreet Kaur, Shashi Bhushan

Design and Development of Smart Waste Sorting System

Ruveena Singh, Dr. Balwinder Singh


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International Journal of Research in Electronics AND Computer Engineering (IJRECE)

A Unit of I2OR


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A Hybrid Approach for SLL Reduction in Phase Array Antenna Using Combination BFO-PSO and BFO-GA

Gurpreet Singh, Anita Kumari

Power Control in Hybrid Renewable Energy Sources Connected Systems Using MPPT Based Boost Converter
Mr.Dhasharatha G, Mrs.C.Thulasiyammal, Dr.JBV.Subramanyam


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An improved Video Multiple Watermarking Techniques Based on Image Interlacing using three-level DWT

Rupinder Singh, Deepak Aggarwal


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World with 5G Technology: Intelligence, Scope & Hazards

Pragati Sharma, Dr.A.K.Gautam

Hardware Implementation of Fuzzy Logic Based Active Power Filter In High Frequency Air Craft Power System

K.Periyanayagi, M.Gayathri


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The Review of Antenna and Radio Propagations Solutions for Body Centric Wireless Communication System

Hitesh Joshi, Ravindra Prakash Gupta


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Intercell Interference Coordination and Link Adaptation
P. D. Ashok

Ann Based Fruit Quality Classification with Extended Feature Extraction Methodology

Manpreet Kaur, Ashima Kalra

An Effective and Fast IRIS Recognition System based on a Combination of PCA and Neural Network

Bhavna Saini, Ashok Kumar Goel

Design of Conical Horn Antenna for UWB Applications

A.Swetha, Dr. P. Nageswara Rao

Design and Implementation of an Industrial Power Monitoring System using RTOS Programming and Wireless Network

Madhavi Yedluri, Vinela Priyadarsini Jalli

Comparative Analysis of 64-bits 6T SRAM Design using 90 nm and 180 nm Technology

Hemant Bansal, Jyoti Saxena, Sukhjinder Singh


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