Cuckoo Hashing Plan called MinCounter with Multilevel Indexing in Cloud Computing
Geetha S Kalashetty, Assoc. Prof. Jyothi Patil

Adapting cosine similarity for avalanche forecasting using NN model
Neha Ajit Kushe, Dr. Ganesh M. Magar

Low Power Wearable ECG and Heart Rate Monitoring of Patient Using Iot
Chavitipalli SriKrishna Kalyani, Mrs.Gandeti Jyothirmai

A 8.33 GHz D Flip Flop Using True-Single-Phase-Clock (TSPC)
Jasbir Kaur, Mohit Sharma

A Novel Technique for Workflow Computation with Ant Colony Optimization in Cloud Computing Environment
Sakshi Arora, Amandeep Kaur, Dr. G.N Verma


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Statistical Modeling for Opinion Mining: A Review
Deepti Gupta, Arivind Singh Chandel

Autonomy for Excellence in Higher Education in India
Mohanty  R K & Panda Swagatika

Study and Performance analysis of Dedicated In-Band Control Channels for Cognitive Radio Networks
S.Tamilarasan, Dr. P.Kumar

ProGuard Distinguishing Noxious Records in Informal Association Based Online Advancements
Dinesh.S, Bharath Raj D

Comparative Analysis of Net Metering and Feed in Tariff Schemes for 50kw Solar Photovoltaic Distributed Generation System at Mahad
Ganesh Dahale*, Prof. Sunil Gaikwad and Prof. Dr. Y.P. Nerkar

Identification and Classification of Rice Plant Diseases Using Cluster Based Thresholding Algorithm-A Review  
Amanpreet Kaur, Vijay Bhardwaj

Power Flow Analysis and placement of SVC in IEEE 14 and IEEE 30 Bus Power System for Loss Minimization and Voltage Stability Enhancement
Priya Kashyap, Mr. Pushpendra Singh, Mr. Nitish Kumar Yadav, Mr. Piyush Chaubey, Mr. Sandeep Manda

Survey Study on Labour Safety at Construction Sites in Kota City
Aadil Qureshi, Shubham Goyal, Yogendra Choudhary, Leevesh Kumar

A low bit rate speech coding and its synthesis based on Hidden Markov Models   

​Firos A, Prof. Utpal Bhattacharjee

Intelligent Braking System with Cruise Control
Piyush Pawar, Nitisha Kaul, Ritika Thakur

Automated Slicing Technique for Test Case Prioritization
Rajveer Kaur, Varinder Kaur Attri


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Design of Fault Tolerant Full Subtractor
Rita Mahajan, Sharu Bansal, Deepak Bagai

Probabilistic Latent Semantic Data Analysis for Grouping and Matching Process using Field Matching Algorithm
A. Ghouse Mohiddin, S.Ramakrishna, Sheik Mohamed


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Networks Lifetime Maximization in Ad Hoc Wireless Networks With Link-Disjoint Paths Routing
Omar SMAIL, Mohammed REBBAH


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Coal Mine Monitoring System Using Raspberry Pi and IOT for Efficient Miner Rescue Operations
A.K.V.R.Sowndarya, V.Satyanarayana

Analysis of Security Technique of Cloud Computing
Payal Thakur, Amandeep Kaur, G.N. Verma

Discovery of frequent itemsets using Graph and Cluster Technique 
D.Senthil Kumar, Dr. N. Jayaveeran

​Predicting Customer’s Choice Using Big Data Analytics    
Ganesh Naikwade, Prof Anil Ambore

​Personal Lung Function Monitoring System for Asthma Patients Using Internet of Things (IOT)
B.Srividya, V.Satyanarayana

​Cyber Risk Management And Trends Retrieval Using Copula Module

Human Tumor Detection in Brain using Wavelet Optimization Classification Algorithm
Deepak Khosla, Ms. Tanisha

Review:-A New Era of Embedded System in the Internet of Things & It’s Smart Applications
Muazzam Laiq, Deepak Joshi

Wireless under Water Sensor Network: Applications, Challenges, Characteristics and Routing Protocols
Shailza , Gagandeep Luthra

A Critical Study on the Performance Evaluation of various Feature Selection and Classification algorithms using Diabetes Disease Dataset
Varun Dhanalakota, Vikas B

A Research Paper on Smashing the Curse of Dimensionality Using Variant RF on Genomics Data
Dr. Raman Chadha, Kaljot Shama

A Mathematical Model to Calculate Variation in Volume Flux for the Problem of Blood Flow in Artery
Amit Gupta,  Gajendra Saraswat, Ravendra Singh

Perception of Private Insurance Employees towards Employer Branding Image with Special Reference to Thoothukudi District
Mr. M. Prabhu, Dr. S. Jeyakumar

An Approach for Load balancing in Decentralized Cloud Computing
Prof. Chandu Dajiba Vaidya, Prof. Ravi Asati, Prof. Ashish Golghate

Implementation of Floating Point Multiplier
Unnati Mehta, Prerna Gupta, Pooja Sengar,  Hitanshi Shishodia, Priyanka Yadav

Scale the Infrastructure through Custom Software in Public Cloud
Achom Nishalakshmi Devi, Kalpana Batra, Sangeeta Rani

Improvement in Intruder Detection in MANET using Selected Features from NSL-KDD Dataset
Shalu Verma, Mrs. Nisha Charaya

Fingerprint and Face Recognition Biometric Controlled Smart Banking Machine Embedded with GSM Technology for OTP
CharanGowda S, Adithya S, Jayshree R, Manishri T.L

​A Survey for Detecting Depth of Wrinkle Detection
Ratinder Kaur, Gagandeep Kaur Grewal

​Analysis of Security threats and Vulnerability Issues in QoS Frameworks of MANET
Santosh Sahu, Sanjeev Sharma

“Digital Footprint”: An Impression Left
Neha Kishore, Priya Raina

​Deployment of Black hole attack using DYMO in MANETs
Ms.Fahmina Taranum, Khaleel Ur Rahman Khan

​Sidelobe Minimization of Chaotic Pulse Compression Sequence Using BSSLMS Algorithm

​Two stage noise detection filter for Image Denoising
Oinam Nickson Meetei, Salam Nandakishore, Palungbam Roji Chanu

Mobile IPv6 Security Breaches and Solutions
Ulya Sabeel

Novel Approach Wavelet Transformation by Optimization in MIMO-OFDM with Rayleigh Channel
Pankaj Thakur, Ravikant sharma

A Novel Technique for the Detection of Currency Based on Internal Features
Neha Vyas, Mr. Maninder Singh Nehra

A Deep Learning Approach to Handwritten Image Recognition
K.Yogeswara Rao, SatyanarayanaMurthy Gorti

The Technique for Sinkhole Attack Detection in Wireless Sensor Networks
Roli Tripathi, Sameer Asthana, Pooja Tripathi

Ultrasonic Cleaning System with Self-tuning Oscillator 
Megha M N, Sandeep R

A Novel Approach for Improvement of Denclue in Clustering for Incomplete Systems
Y. Vijay Bhaskhar Reddy, Dr L.S.S Reddy, Dr.S.S.N. Reddy

Data Security using QR Code and Steganography
Spoorthi B S

Data  Security Using Compression and Encryption Techniques
Madhumita Panda

SNR improvement of MST Radar signals using sparse signal recovery algorithm
Raju C, Sreenivasulu Reddy T

Text Summarization Algorithms: A Comparative Study
Yash Dhankhar, Rajiv Sharma 

Session Based Web Usage Pattern Extraction through Web Server Log File
Dr. Ketan D. Patel, Dr. Satyen M. Parikh

Dental Cavity Extraction and Size Estimation Using PSO Algorithm and Image Processing Techniques
Dr. Vijay Kumar Joshi and Reema

PAPR Reduction of OFDM by Hybridization of PTS and SLM with Dynamic Optimization
Yuvraj Pant, Sanjeev kashyap

Secure and Efficient Technique for Cloud Computing
Amandeep Kaur, Ramanjot Kaur


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Performance analysis of IPR-FBMC with Maximal Ratio Combining
M.Sai, Dr.S.V.R.K.Rao

Lalit Sahu, Prof.(Dr.) Neena Gupta

Reliable and cost-effective inter-unit communication for energy conservation  
Mithali Manohar, Dr. R.B. Lohani

Wireless Sensor Networks on Time Synchronization: A Survey
Beant Kaur, Arshdeep Singh

Multicasting Routing Protocol in MANET: A Survey
Preety Sharma, Arshdeep Singh

Effect of different inorganic Hole Transport Material Layers on the performance of Tin Halide erovskite Solar Cells
Shiva Sharma, Rajesh Mehra, Neha thakur


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A hybrid methodology for  Knowledge mining with the application  PRM

​Dr. Ritu Bhargava, Abhishek Kumar, Prerna Pareek

Performance Analysis of WiMAX-OFDM Uplink System by PAPR Reduction using GNU radio
M.Ushamahesh Singh, Sushil Kakkar, Shweta Rani

A Task Scheduling Approach in Hadoop Environment with Dynamic Load
Hemant Chilhate, Dr. Nishchol Mishra, Priyamwada Sharma

Data Mining in Intruder Detection in MANET: A Survey
Shalu Verma, Mrs. Nisha Charaya

Car Infotainment Systems: A Survey
Ms. Sayali Gupte, Prof. A.R. Askhedkar

Review-based product automated recommendation system in E-commerce using improved Frequent Pattern Mining and Artificial Intelligence | 
Bhrantav Vora , Dr. N J Patel , Dr. N N Jani 

Survey on Handwritten Name Recognition Features Using ANNs
Dr. Seema S, Shruti M Chavan

Structural, Morphological and Electrical Properties of chemical bath deposited Cd1-xZnxS Thin Film
Dhananjay mugle, M.A. barote, Ghanshyam Jadhav

A Review on Interference Mitigation Techniques in 3GPP Device to Device Communication
Aayushi A. Shah, Pariza Kamboj

A Systematic Review and Performance Evaluation of Algorithms for Tumor Detection from MR Brain Images
Amandeep Kaur, Neelofar Sohi

Realization of True Random Number Generator Using Clock Divider on FPGA Platform
Kshanada Choudhary, Dr. N.G. Narole

Link Quality Based Routing for Vertical Handover in Multi Radio Heterogeneous Wireless Mesh Network
G D Gurumurthy, Dr. H S Shivaram, Dr. Mohammad Muazzam​

Secure Data Transfer for a Telemedicine System
Ashwini C, Dr Arbind Kumar Gupta, Dr Venkatesan S, Numan Shaikh

SDR Based Communication in Access with no Internet or Mobile Connectivity
Numan Shaikh, Dr Venkatesan S, Dr Arbind Kuman Gupta, Ashwini C

Development and Testing of ARINC429 IP using FPGA for Navigation System
Sri J.Balakrishna, K. Suryateja, Dr. N. Alivelu Manga 

Survey of Scheduling Algorithms in Cloud Computing through QoS Parameter Analysis
Sruthi K K, Veena Menon

A Review: Fast-Geo Geometric Range Queries on Spatial Data

Jyoti, Neeraj Verma

E-Governance – A Performance Catalyst Approach
Sonu Gupta, Vineet Kumar Gupta

Testing Domain Dependent SRGMS with Power Logistic Function: Analysis and Comparison Using Weighted Criteria Ranking
Dr. Manohar Singh

Implementation of Robust Multiple Authority and Attribute Based Encryption for Access Control in Cloud Computing
Ms. Mona Padole, Prof. NutanDhande

Improvement of energy efficiency & security using ring clustering routing protocol in WSN
Ms. Puja Tekade, Prof. Nutan Dhande

Opportunistic Routing for Packet Backup and Path by Underwater Base Station in WSN

Ms. Shraddha Chafale, Prof Nutan Dhande

Software Development of Li-Fi Technology for Wireless Data Transmission
Priyanka B. Jawanjar, Prof. Naziya Pathan

Hardware Implementation of Li-Fi Technology for Wireless Data Transmission
Priyanka B. Jawanjar, Prof. Naziya Pathan

Gauri Pansare, Hemangi Shinde, Aishwarya Phatak

Density Based Traffic Control and Smart Ambulance Powered By IoT

Detection and Calculation of Stroke Affected Area in Hemorrhagic Brain Stroke CT Images using K-Means Clustering Algorithm | ​Pooja Chukkanakal, Dr. G. N. Srinivasan

Introduction to Big Data Analytics using Cloud Computing
Chhaya Zala, Pruthvi Patel

Performance Comparison of Comparators Used In SAR ADCs for Ultra Low Power Biomedical Applications
Nelson Goodwin M, Suhas P and Rajeshwar Hungund, Rishita V, Shashidhar Tantry

Enhanced Fingerprint and Trajectory Prediction for IoT Localization in Smart Buildings
P.Spandana, H. Bhagya Lakshmi

Low Cost Blind spot warning system using a combination of Ultrasonic and Infrared Sensors
Achyuth M S, V Eshwar Prasad, M Hruday Teja 

Improve Performance Using Dynamic Scheduling Algorithm with Enhancement Security
Shivani Dixit, Gurbhej Singh           

Smart Blind stick for Visually Impaired People
Ashish Kumar, Reeta Verma         

Latest Trend - Deep Learning

The Role of Ball Burnishing Process in Manufacturing Industry: A State-Of-The-Art Survey         

Dr. Ramesh Rudrapati, Dr. S. Rajkumar, Dr. Sivaraj, Mr. Lakhan Rathod      

Steganographic Technique Using Integer Wavelet Transform Domain
Sangita Kumari Biswal,  Alina Dash     

Study of Various Methods Used in Reverse Engineering
Preeti Kathiria,  Dhaval Jha      

Structural, Photoluminescence And Thermoluminescence  Properties Of  Erbium Doped Calcium Silicate Phosphor By Solid State Reaction Method | Shailendra Verma, Anup Mishra, Manmeet Bhuie, Nirbhay K Singh       

Design and Synthesis of Combinational Circuits using Reversible Logic Gates    

Ms. P. Swathi, Sri. J. Balakrishna, Dr. N. Alivelu Manga      

Simulation of Biometric Encryption Using FP

ISSN (Online): 2348-2281
ISSN (Print): 2393-9028

International Journal of Research in Electronics AND Computer Engineering (IJRECE)

A Unit of I2OR

Jasbir Kaur, Anisha Ganpati


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Emotion Specific Feature Representation by using   Mel-Frequency Cepstral Coefficients
Ch.V.Kiranmayi, Biswaranjan Barik

Proficient Allocation of Assets for Proper Resource Utilization in Cloud Computing
Pooja Gogi, Asst. Prof. Amareshwari Patil

Review on Energy Efficient Routing Protocols in WSN
Vinod Kumar, Dr.Sumit Mittal

​​Artificial Neural Network Techniques by Using Time Series and Parameterized Rainfall Prediction Models: A Comparative Study | M. Swapna, Dr. N. Sudhakar

Novel Approach Wavelet Transformation by Convex Optimization in MIMO-OFDM with Multi User Enviorment
Waseem hassan, Dr. Ruchi

Wireless Channel Equalization in Troposcatter Communication Systems
Mir Umair, Dr. Ruchi

Secure Data Storage Services using parity check genetic algorithm in Cloud Computing
Ruby Sachdeva, Neeraj Verma

Milling Machine Parameter Optimisation by GWO
Anil Mehta, Manish Kumar

A Novel High Speed, Low Power Dynamic Comparator with High Noise Immunity
Arpit Sharma, Prof. Manoj Kumar Garg

​The Textural Based Watermarking Technique in Image Processing
Geetanjali Gupta, Varun Jasuja

​An Analytical Review on Various Load Balancing Algorithms in Cloud Environment
Megha Dubey, Soumya Mukharji

​Range Based Node Localization Scheme in under Water Acoustic Networks
Bharat, Dr. Ravinder Kumar

​Analogical Study of Support Vector Machine (SVM) and Neural Network in Vehicle’s Number Plate Detection
Jyoti Kapasiya, Mr. Vishal Jayaswal

Angle of Trajectory Technique for Efficient Handoff in IOT
Amarendra Kumar, Ankit Kumar

​A Review Paper on Intrusion Detection System
M Naga Surya Lakshmi, Dr. K V N Sunitha

A Clustering-based Context-Aware Recommender System through Extracting Relevant Contextual Features and Exploring Latent Preferences | Mr. Solomon Demissie Seifu, Prof. Shashi Mogalla

M Suresh, A K Panda, Marakonda Patnaikuni Vasanthi, Sowpati Santhi

​A Survey on Approaches to Collision Avoidance in Vehicular Networks
Nalina V, Dr. P. Jayarekha

Shruti Sharma, Munish Rattan

​CBIR System for Medical Images in Color and Texture Domain Using Distance Profile
Dr. Vijay Kumar Joshi and Sonia Sharma 

​Design and Simulation of RoF and FSO based Hybrid Network
Priyanka Kumari, Abhimanyu Nain

An Energy Efficient using Distance Vector Scheme and Classify the Performance based on Neural Network
Shailza, Gagandeep Luthra

Effect of Water Abstraction Ratio on Flow Behaviour in Vortex Chambers
Mohammad Athar, Humaira Athar

A Travel Route Generation and Exploration Recommendation System on Social Media
Mr. Katkam Anurag, Mr. Vishal Korade, Ms. Shatavari Raut, Mr. Gaurav Kulkarni, Prof. Navnath Bagal

IVANET: An Improved Vehicular Ad Hoc Network
Rahul Shrivastava, Monika Sahu, Madhup Shrivastava, Mahendra Kumar Pandey

Use of SOA in managing the effects of chromatic dispersion in optical systems – A Review
Harsimran Kaur, Dr. Neena Gupta


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